Meet ToyLibrary


We are the leading monthly toy rental service in Ireland. 


With ToyLibrary, kids play with real toys gaining new skills and using their creativity and imagination. 


Parents benefit by getting their kids off the screens, save money, reduce clutter and conserve the environment as toys get recycled.


ToyLibrary Story


As parents, we want our kids to turn off digital screens and turn on their imagination by playing with creative toys. 


Being frustrated with finding the appropriate toys to my children as their interests change constantly, I realized there had to be a smarter way to play. So, inspired by the growing interest in the sharing economy, we envisioned a library where every child can borrow a toy and then return it – Hooray! 



ToyLibrary enables parents to delight their children with the toys they love, conveniently delivered to their door.


Join Us to make your child (and the environment) HAPPY